Rachael M. Patton


Food is love, Love is food is a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday bicycled, farm-to-desk, lunch delivery service, featuring hand-crafted, hand-held foods made from fine, whole foods with a focus on using seasonal, locally-produced, and responsibly grown produce and dry goods. All food is made with love. FIL,LIF  offers an animal-free and gluten-free option to Arcata’s lunch scene. Items, such as empanadas, stuffed mung bean crepes, savory pies, and stuffed pitas, are available for purchase each Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday via bicycle delivery, within Arcata. One only needs to read the menu and text in an order ((707) 601-1145).

This food service focuses on sourcing the majority of my ingredients, exclusively, from Humboldt County. With the exception of a handful of esoterica, all ingredients used carry a label of organic standard or were produced using organic farming methods.
    My enthusiastic clientel are, for the most part, people at work who need access to lunch foods that are wholesome, satisfying, affordable, and, most of all, convenient. With the help of customer feedback and the luxurious variety of local produce that’s available, what began as a weekly service from my home kitchen is now three(going on four)-times-a-week lunch service that has been operating out of a commercial kitchen since October of 2014.  

I aim to demonstrate principle ideals of a local economy by sourcing the larger portion of my materials from within the county as much as possible. It is my personal goal to build a sustainable food business that demonstrates interest in our local economy through a simple farm-to-table approach. My foods reflect a creative approach to eating seasonally in Humboldt County. The daily menu (available via email and in website) features a source list that connects the farm and farmer to the ingredient to the consumer. Aside from the obvious, economic benefits of sourcing from our local lands, the lunch foods inspire customers to rethink the offerings of our local agriculture, thus educating people about the possibilities of vegetal foods.

  Shortly following my completion of the Botany program at HSU, in 2012, I began focusing on the paradigm shift occurring in our global economy to grow my business. One of the more popular applications is referred to, by the buzz-word, ‘slow-money’. I rely on the community to invest capital in the business, by way of selling pre-paid tabs/accounts (offered with an incentive), that i pay off, entirely, in food. This, I liken to paying off a bank loan with interest. Slowly, I’ve built the clientele, stocked and afforded the kitchen, and attracted more sales. In building direct relationships with clients and farmers, I have found genuine enthusiasm for my services and products. By that measure, I feel positive that moving forward with this business is something the community wants to see succeed.

   Additionally, I attend seminars on rethinking agriculture, food economy/culture, as well as keep up with the greater farm-to-table community, and food literacy communications.  Drawing from my many inspirations, I find that my farm-to-‘desk’ food service fulfills my dream in promoting culture and identity to a place; an investment that will sustain for the economic interest of Humbolt County. 

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