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Food is love, Love is food, offers deliciously awesome lunch foods that reflect seasonal, local food culture and are delivered by bicycle directly to you, three days a week, in Arcata, CA.
How to get lunch delivered right to your desk:
The menu is posted for each delivery day here.  Other options are to check the Facebook feed or receive it by email.
Text (707) 601-1145 to reserve items and request a delivery within Arcata.
The delivery route runs from 11:30am-2pm, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
Payment options: cash, a good, personal check, or for purchases of $5 or more, you may use a debit card.
Pre-payed accounts are available as well. Click here for details. 
 Taste Humboldt County
I’m passionate about sourcing as many ingredients possible directly from Humboldt County’s farms. That means most of your money stays in our county and helps me (and local farmers) make a living wage. Thank you!
Please visit the Ingredients page to learn more (Coming Soon).
Lunch is served!
Lunch is served!

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