Special Orders

Special Orders

December 2016

Need lunch for your office? Or how about a dozen savory tartes for your special occasion? Food is love, Love is food offers unique foods for your enjoyment of what Humboldt County’s farms have to offer.

Current Offerings:


Collard Wraps and Lettuce Wraps

Each type is stuffed with a seasonal spread, freshly prepared vegetables, and dressings. Fillings change weekly.

$48 – 1 Doz, $32 – 8 wraps, $5 a la carte


Bodacious Burgers

A house-made patty, cashew spread, thoughtfully prepared seasonal dressings, and a sauce. Served on a GF Heartfire Bakery sesame burger bun.

$78 – 1 Doz., $52 – 8 burgers, $8 a la carte


Kale Chips

Kale rubbed with Olive Oil and lemon juice and sprinkled with sea salt. 15 g per serving.

$36 – 1 Doz., $24 – 8 servings, $4 a la carte

 Tartes and Savory Pies

Layers or spirals of seasonal vegetables in a puree of squash or other market find. Baked in a house-made GF crust.

9″ Tarte or Pie – $30

4″ Tartes or Pies : $54 – 1 Doz., $36 – 8 serv., $5 a la carte

“2 1/2  Tartes or Pies:  $42 – 1 Doz., $28 – 8 serv., $4 a la carte


Call or Text: (707) 601-1145

Email: foodisloveloveisfood@gmail.com



1 9″ Savory Pies

$45/pie, Prepared for baking, or baked before pickup.  For December:

Cottage Pie with mashed Sweet Potatoes and Ensalada Vierno.

Cottage Pie

filled with layers of a prepared winter vegetables and specially paired sauce, in a hearty teff, buckwheat, oat (gf) crust, topped with savory mashed potatoes or garlic mashed sweet potatoes, and baked.

 Caramelized Tarte

 an inverted, caramelized Onion Beet tarte, with a sharp cashew paste over a  thick bottom crust.

Caramelized Tarte
Caramelized Tarte

img_20151201_232149.jpgEnsalada Vierno

$20: 9″ pan, serves 8

Brighten up the table with a gorgeous salad dressed in one of our creative dressings.






1 Dozen Mung Bean Crepes

Mung Bean Crepe
Mung Bean Crepe

$70/doz., Dazzle your lunch mates or your dinner guests with these popular wraps. Each crepe comes with a seasonal spread, locally-sourced quinoa salad, garnishes, and sauce or dressing.


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