Catering Menu for the end of the year


Catering Menu


Special order crew lunch menu.

Showcasing the best in Humboldt County’s seasonal produce profile, our animal-free and gluten-free lunch packages are a refreshing way to taste the land of Humboldt.

  8 servings A la carte
Bodacious Burgers $52 $8
Kale Chips $24 $4
Shiitake Pepper Polenta Squares $36 $6
Lettuce Wraps $32 $5
Collard Wraps $32 $5
Savory Tarte Slices $30 $5
Mini Savory Tartes $28 $4
4” Savory Tartes $36 $6

Bodacious Burger – a house-made patty, cashew spread, thoughtfully prepared seasonal dressings, and a sauce. Served on a GF Heartfire Bakery sesame burger bun.

Kale Chips – Kale rubbed with Olive Oil and lemon juice and sprinkled with sea salt.

Shiitake Pepper Polenta Squares (while supplies last) – Certified GF Polenta prepared with grilled shiitakes, roasted peppers (spicy or mild), onions and garlic. Served with a sesonal special sauce.

Lettuce Wraps and Collard Wraps – Each type is stuffed with a seasonal spread, freshly prepared vegetables, and dressings. Fillings change weekly.

Savory Tarte– Layers of seasonal vegetables in a puree of squash or other market find. Baked in a house-made GF crust.


Lunch Available Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Check website for daily offerings


2 day’s notice is ideal. 1 day’s notice is acceptable in most cases.

Menu at:

Order by text or phone at (707) 601-1145



Food is love, Love is food proudly sources as much as possible from responsible growers, in our incredible land.

Food comes packaged in fully compostable paper and nothing else.


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