The morning thing

True confession: I rarely eat breakfast before spending 4 hours preparing gorgeous food for sale. This is, in my experience, the habit of most food preparers. Coffee, is Queen, above all else which is why that’s often the only thing consumed. However for the last few weeks, I’ve tried extra hard to make sure I eat something before throwing myself to the day. Depending on what I eat, the effects can be amazingly positive. A bowl of steamed vegetables with ginger soy miso dressing, right after a cup of hot ginger lemon tea, is probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. For those three days, I was on top of it and feeling super awesome. Then my actual work week started.

I have these high-falutin fantasies of creating an educational cooking show you would watch, in small increments, on YouTube. It will have to be hilarious because a straight-forward cooking show with all of its inherent wholesome intentions is not my style. Comedy helps us all swallow the tragedy of our gorgeous lives. That’s what this yogurt commercial has going for it.

Food in advertising is so interesting! Some brands use sex, some attempt to convince you that you deserve something entirely luxurious, some use guilt, and some employ wit-less jokes that make you laugh for goodness-knows-what. I use pretty pictures and lengthy descriptions, myself.

I am visualizing Food is love, Love is food’s ad to contain a montage of the morning insanity. A smaller montage with just clips of me realizing I’ve left my phone at home again and again. Perhaps the many moments of puzzling packaging problems (that always seem to happen at the last minute) will pop up throughout.



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