Morning meal


Breakfast is the one meal I’m least interested in making much less making myself eat unless it’s for brunch or some kind of festive occasion that involves delux breakfast foods. Nevertheless, it would be much better for me to eat something while easing into the work day. So, this week, I’m focusing on convenient breakfast solutions. I thought pie was a good place to start.

Breakfast pie: sweet cashew creme with lemon oil and cardamom, toasted hazelnut date crust, fresh kiwi slices. #foodisloveloveisfood


1.5 cups toasted hazelnuts
7 soaked and pitted medjool dates (save the water)
2 cups soaked cashews
1 tsp. Vanilla
1 tsp. Cardamom
Dash of salt
2 drops food grade Lemon essential oil (like from doTerra)

First process the toasted nuts in a food processor until it’s basically a rough meal. Add 3 soaked dates and dash of salt. Process until dough like. Press into bottom of a spring form pan (6″).

Process cashews, 4 dates, slices, oil, vanilla, and a dash of salt. Thin out very slowly by adding a tbsp. of the date water, at a time. The consistency should be thick but spreadable. Careful not to thin too much. The slow thinking process allows for thorough processing for a creme that’s as smooth as possible.

Line the sides of the pan with a ring of slices of kiwi, first. Then, scoop/pour filling into the center. Carefully spread it evenly so that the tops of the kiwi slices are meet with the surface of the creme. Arrange more kiwi slices on top. Glaze with major syrup, thinned honey, agave, etc. Slide pan into a sealable bag and freeze. In a couple of hours, you can cut it into slices and serve or wrap slices individually and keep frozen.


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