We’re back! Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016

Leeks from Rain Frog Farm, Blue Lake
Food is love, Love is food is…

Farm-To-Desk Bicycled Lunch Delivery Service featuring hand-crafted, hand-held lunch goods made from scratch. Compositions center on ingredients that are seasonal, locally-produced, and responsibly sourced. All food is made with love.

Order Lunch
Reserve and set up a Delivery in Arcata: text (707) 601-1145

all offerings are gluten* and animal-free

*All milled flours and oats, were processed in dedicated gluten-free facilities and/or are certified GF. All foods prepped in a dedicated GF kitchen, to boot.

Le Menu


Mung Bean Crepe
with Avocado Lemon spread, Ginger Citrus Winter root salad, Roasted Beets, Zesty Cilantro sauce
$7 ea
Savory Pie
with Lentils, Leeks, Carrots, Criminis, and Miso mashed Potatoes baked on top.
$7 ea
Enjoy one of each item for a total of $12

Locally Sourced
Food is love, Love is food proudly sources ingredients that were grown within the county in order to create foods that reflect a seasonal palette and an appreciation for the food culture of Humboldt County.

Warren Creek Farm – Potatoes

Willow Creek Farm – Rutabagas, Red Cabbage, Beets, Brussels Sprouts

Pierce Family Farm – Carrots

Rain Frog Farm – Leeks

Gypsy Farm – Garlic


California – Cilantro, Onion

Oregon – Styrian Pumpkin Seeds

USA – Lentils


Kolo Kai Farm, Hawaii – Ginger

China – Mung Beans, Adzuki Beans

Europe – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Phillipines – Coconut Oil


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