Please Help us Rent our Kitchen for 1 Year


Help us rent our kitchen!

Click Here To Help Us Rent Our Kitchen for One Year!

Food is love, Love is food ‘s animal-free, as well as gluten-free lunch options have become a popular way for Arcatans to power through the rest of the work day.  We focus on sourcing our produce from local farms which means that our seasonally innovative, convenient, nutritious foods are made with love for our land and farmers. We want to maintain the service that many have come to depend on for their midday meal.
In 2015, Food is love, Love is food’s farm-to-desk bicycled lunch service grew to serve Arcata three days a week. This required an increase in buying ingredients from Humboldt County’s farms, investing more time into food preparation, and compensating a part-time helper.

Renting our kitchen is one of our largest monthly expenses and, although business continues to steadily grow, much of our sales go to affording it. Now, in 2016, rent has increased by $50, bringing the total, monthly rent to $250.The funds we raise in this campaign will go toward paying an entire year’s rent. Taking care of this is critical, not only for basic operations but also for catching up with an already growing list of new clients and catering opportunities which will require revenue to go toward materials.

We need to raise a year’s rent ($3,000) by February 15, 2016 to secure the space from March 2016-2017.

Getting this boost, in funds, means we can dedicate more time to developing better products, improving service, and keeping our delicious, locally-sourced foods affordable.

We love what we do for our community and are thankful for any help you can offer.

Food is love, Love is food


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