Reconstruction October 14-16

Week of Reconstruction

The Brown Bag Challenge

Hi folks anf fans,
This week is reconstruction week. A week to train helpers, review fall menu ideas, process the mountain of food that is Humboldt County right now, pull the financial picture together, come up with a game plan for holiday offerings, design printables and stickers, and get a masage. That being said, this week, I ask you to participate in the brown bag challenge. No, it doesn’t require you to pack a lunch every day and it’s actually not that challenging. Simply send me a photo of something good you’ve made or acquired for yourself for lunch by email or by posting it on Food is love’s… Facebook page . Maybe you can tell me a little bit about what makes that lunch so gratifying. Consider it a contribution to market research. If it’s alright with you, I’d like to post your contributions on my webpage.
Thank you very much for your flexibilty during reconstruction. I look forward to seeing what you love about the mid-day meal.
Rachael M. Patton


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