Rest Day

Part of the kitchen work, right now, is preserving precious summer fruits for spicing things up in the Kale and Parsnip season.

Hi Fans,
I need to take today off and catch up on sleep, do some sort-of-deep yoga, and work on breaking my addiction to caffeine again. You understand, right? There are a lot of new changes in my schedule as of last month and my scheduled day off slipped through the cracks. Though work has been busy, it has brought about some great opportunities that are helping me see my goal of launching Food is love full time by the end of the year.
My two, new, regular helpers are breathing some new energy into delivery and kitchen work. You may have seen Jess, on her swift electric bicycle, yesterday, delivering the goods. Tomorrow, Ryan will prepare the next batch of crispy saged eggplant strips for E.L.T.s (Eggplant Lettuce Tomato) in the near future. Seth Geddes, of the Beneficial Living Center, once advised me that it’s important to train assistants to do production so that I (business owner) can work on the other things that help a business grow, like coming up with quotes for catering projects, developing beautiful holiday platters, and (now that we’re making steady income) designing a budget. I feel confident about my new helpers taking on my beloved tasks. Running this business has presented me with an entire curriculum of new lessons which, after being a student for most of my life, is always what I’m looking for. In the kitchen, there are certainly a variety of new tasks to learn and teach.
As you may know, tomorrow, Friday, is burger day so look for the description of an exciting variation on the the old classic in tomorrow’s mailbox, on the website, or through that Face-feed we all consult.
See you tomorrow with delicious lunch foods that save the day.
Rachael Patton


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