Always Ask Policy


At the close of 2012, I graduated from Humboldt State University, and assessed the entirety of my undergrad degree in Botany. I realized that I had learned the critical impact of an education in science. In an effort to promote non-biased critical thinking, I hereby stake an Always Ask Policy, here, on this website.

Please feel free to Always Ask about sourcing, pricing, business, food preparation techniques, food questions, etc. I love talking about these things and am not offended by polite inqusition. As for tying the essential meaning of science and creating a sustainable food business together, I am still exploring those parallels in order to present an accurate statement about our perception of nutrition, ethnobotany (human and plant relationships), and economy.

Science is a method that specialists use to answer and create questions. Science, like evolution, is not goal oriented. Many confuse scientific progress with industry. Industry is goal oriented, the goal being to profit or create capital. Industry relies on scientific findings to produce products and services. Innovation is the technician’s field and I suppose I see it as a sort of ‘middle-operator’ between the two. The difference between bad science and good science is the amount of fidelity to thoughtfully carried out experiements that are repeated in amounts to which precise results can be produced. In short, bad science is the product of fudged data that is intended to yield specific results. Good science, on the other hand, is arrived at by sound data and results that may fail to meet the hypothesizer’s prediction, thus giving new insight to what is being studied while guiding the scientist to form more tailored questions when it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Bottom line: the way to knowledge is through inquiry.

So ask me, why don’t you.


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