Friday, May 8, 2015

Zest Cilantro Sauce

Happy Fly-day

Put in an order for an 8 oz. jar of Zesty Cilantro Sauce! 
$8 for 8oz. in a killer jar. 
Trade the jar back in for $1 off a refill.

       Order Lunch


Reserve and set up a Delivery: text(707) 601-1145 
all animal and gluten free offerings

Wed. 05/08/2015

Thurs. 04/30/2015

Mung Bean Crepe
Filled with a massaged Kale Salad with Carrots, Green Onions, Celery, Tangerines, Tamari, Toasted Sesame Seed Oil, and a Lime Mint Parsley Sauce. Doused with Sprouts. $7 ea.
filled with Black Beans, Quinoa, Sun-dried Tomato Sauce, Garlic, Shallots, and Kale $5 ea.

*flours and oats, used in crust, sourced from and processed at certified gluten-free facilities.

Locally Sourced

Farmhouse: Dark Leafy Greens

Wild Rose Farm: Quinoa

Pierce Family Farm – Sundried Tomatoes

Paul Lohse – Carrots

Bayside Park Farm – Mint

 I & I Farm – Celery


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