Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Beet Burger

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Reserve and set up a Delivery in Arcata: text(707) 601-1145 

all gluten* and animal-free offerings

May 7, 2015


Menu del Dia

El menu del dia means something concrete to me the only way a colloquialism in a foreign language could. My impression of ‘el menu del dia’ is one of archetypical proportions. The menu should reflect the fruits, leaves, seeds, stems, and roots of the day’s place in time and climate. There should be an element of juxtaposition of fresh foods and naturally preserved foods. The grain or seed cooked awake from is dormant dehydrated state pared with the newly harvested, raw stuffs from more immediate places honors the optimization found in Earth’s seasonality or response to the seasons. Human food is natural only in the sense that we and our consciousness and ingenuity are naturally occurring, thus, our food system is a constructed ecosystem. The more the food system mimicks the ecosystems of the wild (or what we know  NOW of the wild), the clearer the ecology diet or foodway will become. Running the food system like a sound ecosystem restores the value of food toward preservation of the resources used in food production. In that way, sustainability spells security. And security should taste delicious, dammit. 


The Beet Burger
A thick patty of roast Shiitakes, Black Beans, Quinoa, Beets, Onions and spices served between two slices of thin Caraway Carrot Sesame Bread with housemade sprouted Dill Mustard and raw fermented Carrot Turnip relish, and sassy spring Greens. $7 ea.

Mung Bean Crepe with Orange Curry Quinoa Salad and Zesty Cilantro Sauce, served on a bed of spring Greens. $7 ea.
filled with Black Beans, Carrots, Napini, and Quinoa in a Sun-Dried Tomato sauce. $5 ea.
Locally Sourced 

Food is love, Love is food proudly sources ingredients that were grown within the county in order to create foods that reflect a seasonal palette and an appreciation for the food culture of Humboldt County.

Rain Frog Farm – Beans
Mycality – Shiitakes
Farmhouse – Kale
Wild Rose Farm – Quinoa
Pierce Family Farm – Sun-Dried Tomatoes
I & I Farm – Napini, Celery, Green Onions
Paul Lohse – Carrots, Cilantro, Turnips
Bayside Park Farm – Mint
Little River Farm – spring Greens


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