Fly-Day, April 24, 2015

Happy Fly-Day!
Treat yourself well.

Order Lunch

Reserve and set up a Delivery: text (707) 601-1145

all gluten-free* vegan offerings
Wed. 04/24/2015

Baked Green Wrap
A Dark Leaf of Green stuffed with Potatoes, caramelized Parsnips, Carrots, and Onions, Asparagus, Napini, Artichoke Hearts, in a toasted Walnut Sage sauce. $6

Empanadas filled with roasted Shiitakes, Lentils, Sundried Tomato marinara, fresh Basil, and Mustard Greens. $5

Mung Bean Crepe with Sweet Potato spread, Orange Curried Quinoa Salad with fresh Mint, Raisins, Radishes, and Carrots, Zesty Cilantro Sauce $7 ea.

*flours and oats, used in crust, sourced from and processed at certified gluten-free facilities.

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