Wednesday, April 15

Savory Tarte Tatin

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According to what I can find, immediately, on the web, today’s specialty item, the Tarte Tatin, is a pastry or cake baked over caramelized fruit. However, I keep coming across scrumptious recipes for savory versions that feature caramelized endives. I found quite a few endives (or chicory) on the discount rack this week and cannot resist trying out a variation on this marvelous concept. The Tarte Tatin has a quaint history. It was created bytwo sisters who ran an inn in France, long ago

A slice


Tarte Tatin
A vegetable pastry of Carrots, Kale, Jerusalem Artichokes, Shallots, and Garlic, in a Chestnut sauce with fresh Sage in layers of thinly-sliced Potaotes all beneath caramelized Endives.
$7 a slice
 *The original menu listed Shiitakes as an ingredient. However, I neglected to grab them on my way out the door this morning. Oops.

filled with Tan & White and Black Beans stewed with  Salt-dried Tomatoes, Sautéed Onions, Garlic, Collard Greens, Thyme, Oregano, and spiced with Garam Marsala. With Rainbow Quinoa. $5 ea.
Locally Sourced 
Food is love, Love is food proudly sources ingredients that were grown within the county in order to create foods that reflect a seasonal palette and an appreciation for the food culture of Humboldt County.

Rain Frog Farm – Beans
Farmhouse – Kale
Wild Rose Farm – Quinoa
Pierce Family Farm – Carrots

An inverted delight

Crust on the bottom and stuck together with chestnut sage cream


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