FlyDay, April 10


So, I have an abundance of eggs. These are organic, free-range (in that oh-so-scenic sense) eggs from neighborhood farms. They need to be consumed so I want to offer them today in lunch. Obviously, this is uncharacteristic of my lunch run, as it contains, of course, an animal product but I think we can handle it. I hope you enjoy this special option today, for it is rare. Eggs are total treasures which is why you should treat your chicken well 😉  

       Order Lunch


Reserve and set up a Delivery: text(707) 601-1145 
all gluten-free* vegan offerings
Wed. 04/10/2015

Mung Bean Crepe with R. M. Patton Egg Salad (Hard boiled Eggs, whipped Avocado with Lemon, fresh Dill, Red Onion, minced Mustard Greens), shredded Carrot, Radishes, and so much love. $8 ea.

Savory Pies with marinaded Lentils, roast Parsnips and Carrots, mashed Potatoes with fresh Parsley, Garlic, and Paprika. $7

Empanadas filled with roast Shiitake, Quinoa, Dark Greens, caramelized Onion Carrot Sage sauce. $5

*flours and oats, used in crust, sourced from and processed at certified gluten-free facilities.


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