Meditation: synonomous


Things are changing.

My words are precise. They are carefully selected, sometimes from dozens of synonyms. Synonym does not mean “same” name, as it was generalized in elementary grammar, it, more precisely, means “with” name (Greek). Words may share similarities in meaning but nothing will convey a word as precisely as the word itself. Go ahead, try it. Savage: depending on whether it’s used as a noun, an adjective, or a verb (believe or or not) savage has such synonyms as barbarian, unenlightened, and revile. They are unique representations of ideas pertaining to another precise representation of the same idea.

Precise, describes the quality of measuring with an accuracy of best ability. If you’re carrying out an experiment, in your lab, and are required to make dilutions, you would take your micropipetter, set the dial to the most precise measurement (usually up to three decimal places) and proceed to administer solutions to solvents. In this case, precision is limited to a measly three decimal places. How will you ever get the most accurate results if there’s this arbitrary amount of infinitely small proportions, going undealt with due to the capacity of your instrument, the extension of your own human intelligence?
   Well, hopefully you use what you’ve got, abilities and all, and incrementally contribute time to solutions.

   When I opened this recipe book, today, I found myself marveling at such beautiful compositions. I was also struck by how apolitically they seemed to be. How essential, how precise the ingredients are as if an anatomy of a natural system or organism. How taxonomic.


Many of my lunch ideas stem from studying how recipes are composed to achieve a specific effect, flavor, texture, all of the above. By comparing differences in ingredients for similar recipes, I learn the synonyms of food and flavor, texture, and taste. Flavor meaning a more reminiscent way to interpret the senses, taste conveying the act of being present to accept what the senses interpret.

   Raw recipe books abound these days. Another food way enlightening us about the current state of the dissemination of knowledge.


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