Hello neighbors,
First of all, the blog is under construction. I can’t seem to make up my mind about the layout. Thank you for being patient with my blog posts.
Secondly, for the month of September, I’ll be eating my way across the country. Most of my long distance travel will be train. How exciting is that? I’ll feature the snacks and foods of train travel. After a brief rest, in Chicago (it’ll be my second time to this flippin’ awesome city) I will continue to Virginia where I will hustle to serve up local feast fare at my friend’s restaurant. Some of their best ingredients come from their farm and I’m very excited to be a part of that. The last week sees me off to a brief visit to St.Augustine, FL to eat many meals with my family. After the southeast, the Midwest. Heading to the Prairie Festival, at The Land Institute, in Salina, KS. The Land Institute studies perennial grain-prairie-permaculture and every year, they have a meeting of scientists speak to us. This year’s theme seems focused on connecting spiritual perspective with arduous scientific endeavor. I know I could really use a swift, spiritual kick to the forehead. Now that I’ve been thoroughly submersed in empirical thought, I’ve somehow lost that sweet note that lifts my hopes up at the end of the ‘day’. Just in case you didn’t know, a college education really opens your eyes, as well as your head. These are really difficult times in our history and I’m astonished that I pay witness to such important events. I am also astonished that I have the capacity to do something, every day, that helps bring awareness to my community and myself.
Til’ then, keep posted and enjoy your delicious life.


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