Heaven isn’t too far away (a recipe worthy of an epic hair-band ballad)


The author of This Rawsome Vegan Life is one source of incredible inspiration. I rarely follow recipes to the T but this recipe was such an interesting combination of flavors, I couldn’t resist. Originally, I meant to omit the mushrooms but them found some shiitakes in my refridgerator and couldn’t resist knowing their flavor would compliment the others. Em’s discourse on food, through her beautiful recipes, certainly presents my idea of diet.
Diet, in the verbal sense, means to eat in an intentional way in order to achieve an effect or practice. As a noun, diet describes an eating regimen. Sometimes, when I use the word, diet, the individual I’m speaking to takes it as an implication that I am eating in a specific way to loose weight. I know this because people often say, “well, you don’t need to loose any weight.” I thank them for, what I suppose should be taken as a compliment, but am bummed that both of us weren’t talking about a healthy food way. I think it goes, without saying (yet here we are), that eating in a way that maintains health for the body and planet is more than a diet, it’s an act of responsibility, love, and stewardship.


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