Comida Corrida Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yes, i absolutely enjoy feeding you. Yes, I absolutely love the things you've shared with me. Keep it up, you're really helping this out.


Just call or text to schedule a lunch delivery by bicycle. I like it when you tell me what you want; I will tell you what I have to offer.

Thank you!



Bayside Paradise Roll

Turnip Carrot Cashew 'Rice', Sweet Red Pepper, Marinated Kale-Collard Leaves, Walnut Miso Tamari (gf) Sauce, rolled in a Leaf of Chard. $6

Hard Work Pita

Grilled Shiitakes Zucchini and Onions, Thin Carrot Sticks, Chopped Snap Peas, dressed with Creamy Lemon Sunflower Dill Dressing and served on a bed of Minced Cabbage and Chard in a Teff Brown Rice Oat ( gf) Pita. $7






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