After a summer away…

Comida Corrida is back. Wednesdays and Thursdays, luscious lunch by bicycle delivery.

Finally, the time is nigh for firing up the ol' bicycle, the hearth fire, and motivational jams (Gloria Gaynor, Barry White, Cal Tjader, Solange Knowles) and resuming Comida Corrida, the lovely lunch service that delivers to your door. Friends, you have made Food is love, Love is food what it is. Yes, I do most of the sweating and stirring and slicing but you love it and, as I am always profoundly surprised, you love food. You love food the way I love food. Eating what we eat is medicine, celebration, mind altering, heart altering, and just a downright scrumptious act. This enthusiasm is what inspires me to keep this performance up and expanding. So thank you from the bottom of my mixing bowl.

While mapping out this months food schedule, I can't help but try to come up with a way to offer soup as an option with each week's Comida Corrida, which, by the way, will be running Wednesdays AND Thursdays (in case you missed it at the top)! My current thought is to bring it in a thermos, measure it out in 8oz portions (this is the standard portion of a cup of soup as opposed to a bowl), and pour it into your own vessel. Despite the generous dose of summer weather our squashes are basking in, fall chilliness will prevail at some point and we're going to want something hot to warm up our systems at high noon. I seek suggestions and ideas, always, on delivering food without the use of disposable containers.

This month, I'm making some more serious moves toward developing the business, and canning obscene amounts of apples. I'm undertaking varying degrees of catering (from a wedding to a single appetizer platter). Also, recently, I was asked to do some in-home food preparation for a friend going in for surgery. I made she and her husband three pots of soup, portioned them out, and put them up in the freezer so they could easily build wholesome meals with little effort. This was what I had originally planned to do as the main focus of Food is love, Love is food. Since, however, I've remained flexible and open to fulfilling various needs for food, I've experienced a more dynamic way to work.




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