Comida Corrida Jueves for June 27, 2013

601-1145 for a bicycle delivery



The Tortilla

A Homemade Grilled Buckwheat Rice Tortilla, Fava Bean Spread, Lemon Vinaigrette-dressed Chard, Grilled Zucchini and Onions, Roasted Golden Beets, and topped with Tangy Pickled Red Onions and Fresh Radishes. $7.00

The Wrap

Multicolored Quinoa, Ginger Carrot Kumquat Sesame Salad Tossed in a Miso Dressing, and Roasted Golden Beets. All wrapped in a Steamed Collard Leaf. $7.00


all ingredients are sourced exclusively from trade with farmers, the North Coast Growers' Association Farmer's Market, and through our beloved Co-op

Wild Rose Farm-BlueLake (Quinoa, Collard Leaves)

Willow Creek Farm-Willow Creek (Carrots, Zucchinis, Beets)

Laughing Mother Farm-Bayside (Radishes)

My Own Vegetable Garden and Grounds-Bayside (Chard, Rosemary)

Non-local California Farms (Kumquats, Onion, Garlic, Rice Flour)

Somewhere USA (Buckwheat Flour, Sunflower Seeds)

Mexico (Garlic)



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