Comida Corrida Jueves for May 23, 2013

I heart Thursdays because I get to see you. Ring my bell tomorrow if you’d like a delicious lunch item delivered by bicycle…601.1145



Served on Homemade Thin Deli Bread (Gluten free and Vegan)

Oh So Good

 Fennel Sunflower Seed Pate, Roasted Beets, Sweet and Spicy Greens, Roasted Mashed Garnet Sweet Potatoes $7.00

Fancy Egg Salad

Egg Salad made from my hens’ Eggs, Dressed with a Garlic Avocado “Aioli,” Tangy Lacto-Fermented Beet Relish, Capers, Sweet and Spicy Greens, and Shredded Carrots. $7.00

The Good Green

Cilantro Cashew Spread, Braised Mustard Greens and Bok Choy, Carrots, Fresh Spinach, Garlic Avocados “Aioli”. $7.00


Two Sandwiches for $12.00

More Offerings

Hard Boiled Eggs (eggs courtesy of my free-range hens) $1.50


all ingredients are sourced exclusively from trade with farmers, the North Coast Growers’ Association Farmer’s Market, and through our beloved Co-op

Wild Rose Farm-BlueLake (Beets)

Willow Creek Farm-Willow Creek (Carrots, Spinach( actually, I cannot remember which farm the spinach came from))

Little River Farm-Bayside (Greens)

My Own Vegetable Garden and Grounds-Bayside (Eggs)

Non-local California Farms (Sweet Potatoes, Onion, Garlic)

Mexico (Garlic, Avocados)


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