Mindful Networking

This past Thursday, I realized a need to invest some time and energy into making my service visible. Word of mouth has been opening doors for me thus far which is good but I really should network creatively always. A conversation about business cards came up between a friend and I. Most people ask for them but I have none for I choose not to advertise and sell anonymously. However, I wish to encourage my connections to check this blog on Wednesday evenings for the Comida Corrida menu (for Thursday).
In the spirit of my service, I chose to make them by hand. They’re like a small piece of art. Business cards seem a bit impersonal to me in general. In general I find that business cards are all about business and less about the proprieter. Design is something that I believe expresses one’s individual style and I am more likely to hold onto someone’s card if it’s an outstanding portrait of who and what they represent. I make so many things by hand and from materials that have already been processed…except food. When it comes to food, the majority of my ingredients are raw vegetables sourced from the immediate area. Other ingredients, like flours, spices, sweeteners, nuts, oils, and grains are sourced from the world over and are used with care. To curb the cost of “advertisement” and other overhead expenses, I just do as much as possible with my time and what I’ve got on hand…which is always enough when it comes to scraps of paper. Each one is different.
I cut pictures out of a Territorial Seed catalogue. I thought this would be an appropriate use for it when one of my friends shared with me that he believed Territorial sourced seeds from another seed company that has become acquired by Monsanto, also, I don’t order seeds from catalogues. This morning, however, I did a little research and found numerous blog articles that addressed this specific topic. Here’s one that I think breaks it down best by Pint-sized Pioneering. It seems that Territorial does source a small amount of garden varietals from Seminis (the company recently acquried by the big M) but is, in fact, disenchanted by the new ownership themselves. They’ve been decreasing their orders from Seminis and will most likely stop ordering from them altogether. While this demonstrates a responsible reaction, perhaps they could be encouraged to completely stop ordering from them sooner. Many small farms order seeds from Territorial because they are a swell seed supplier.
If you own a business in Arcata, you’ll most likely be open tonight to celebrate our monthly art evening. I’ll bring a card by and talk to you about my lunch service. Maybe you have a weekly hankering for a fully fresh lunch that will empower you with good, locally-sourced energy to complete the rest of your work day. On another note, I really enjoy sharing thoughts about sustainable business practices and building a localized economy. Let me know what’s on your mind. Thursdays, Comida Corrida Jueves, are my favorite time to network.

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