Innovation with leftovers

There was a small amount of sandwich bread dough from Thursday's comida corrida. I pressed it into the cast iron and put it in the oven at 350degrees F for 15 minutes.
Then, I spread sunflower seed pate over the top, covered that with sliced olives, kale, roasted beets, “raw-mesan”, Dawn's fire cider vinegar, and olive oil and baked it for a while longer.



After pulling it from the oven, Added Avocado slices and Larrupin sauce.


Prepared ingredients made this meal so easy to put together. When I made this, I had just finished a seven hour shift of making food for people. It can be difficult to nourish yourself after working so hard so invest more time in yourself ahead of exhaustion. You will be so glad you did.



2 thoughts on “Innovation with leftovers

    • r.m. patton

      At some point last year, I decided that my main reason for living in California was for access to cheap avocados. It really plays into my dilemma about easy access to tropical foods. Although I buy the ones from California whenever they’re available, the ones from Mexico abound in the sale rack at the co-op every single day. What to do?

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